Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Humourless Empire

And a warm welcome back to the Victorian era where punishment reigns supreme and any touching of bra straps shall be at the judgement of the masses. For those who have been fortunate enough to embrace a life free from media intervention it appears that the retailer David Jones is to punished for the actions of the former CEO who allegedly did something stupid involving failed attempts to attract and bed an employee and the touching of a bra strap. But that aside, let's also punish all those who dare to make a joke of such alleged naughty event. Fashion designer Alannah Hill made a joke about it and was forced to publicly apologize. Why? And when did we ban humour? And for the high pitched hysteria and public statements of "I won't shop at David Jones in the foreseable future" by Laurel Papworth social network strategist (which is what exactly?) in today's Sunday Age firstly I don't think punishing the employees of this organisation through reduced sales resulting in job loss is a well thought out strategy and secondly does "foreseable future" mean up until the Boxing Day Sale? Had the former CEO kicked a football for a living it seems the story would have been and gone without appearing as constant wrapping of every newspaper. Where was this temperance movement in punishing Rugby League and AFL after reports of gang rape...(insert sounds of crickets chirping). The figure of $26 million is about maximum publicity and who knows what motivations sit behind this but to be sucked in to a culture of humourless hysteria sends us back to a darker era. When they gave women the right to vote it was meant to be for government and not about department stores. I'm going to shop at David Jones, in fact I will be going straight to the lingerie department and asking for the CEO special. Shock, horror. Off with her head!


  1. ...I did chuckle at the Sunday Age's 'Headlines you won't see this week' suggestion: DJs launhes McInnes-Strength line of pepper spray

    .....and Alannah is an old game player. For someone barely relevant (or affordable) to most of us, she got huge publicity and certainly a lot more punter through her doors.

  2. Yers well, somebody had to say it, and it to come from a female. You won't find any males of the species brave enough to stick their heads up over this one.

    It's all complete craziness. The person launching the law suit is, I suspect, very poorly advised and will struggle to find employment for some considerable time. A quiet settlement would have been a more sensible means of carrying on a later career.

  3. Have to dissent, I'm afraid. The sleazebag and the company who tolerated his excesses deserve to be taken to the cleaners. Quiet settlements set no precedent that the corporate world are required to follow. Kristy today, one of your loved ones tomorrow.

  4. The lascivious event was nasty, no two ways about it but the settlement, for a bra strap? C'mon we're becoming as ridiculous as our litigious American friends. Sack him and give her his severance pay. Don't penalise the rest of the company for the actions of one incredibly stupid executive. I bet half the company didn't even know what he looked like until they saw his ugly mug on telly.

  5. Did I miss the boat? Allanah Hill was joking? Toyota got hysteria'ed for producing a joke viral ad...

    Probably a good thing I missed the boat.