Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dial #1 for No Responsibility, Dial #2 for Couldn't Give A Shit

It's wrong to yell at call centre operators. It's wrong, it's not their fault and they are only doing their job. Yawn. They are just a front for the evilness of (insert telco/insurance company name here) that hide behind them with their no care policies and piss of disclosure statements. If more people scream down the phone (sorry 24 year old Customer Care operator) at these companies the more they might sit up and take notice. Why is it that your customer care operator can care until his nose bleeds but he can't ACTUALLY help you? "I'm not authorised to that ma'am but if you call back tomorrow...". Why pick up the goddamn phone if you can't actually do anything, and why get paid for it? Like yelling at the television every time an overpaid 'hero' gets away with another criminal act sprouting they made an 'error of judgement' (which to me would be making a wrong turn into a dead end street, not assaulting someone), somehow it just feels right. So the next time someone gives you the 'sorry the accountability department have gone for the day' keep them on the phone and see if you can get them to actually DO something for you. Remember, nice people are poor people...oops did I say that out loud? Sorry, error of judgement.


  1. I used to be polite for the same reason,they're just doing their job and frankly if you work for a call centre, you're desperate for a job but . . so irritating. At least if you get India, there's usually someone 'awake' at the supervisor level.

  2. Trust me, the more people yell down the phone, the more management ignore it. "That's what we pay them for" is their angle. Paid punching bags is all call centre workers are.

    I worked in a call centre once. I lasted about 8 days. I felt especially sorry for the Indian people on my team. They spent half their day trying to convince irate xenophobes that they were actually in Mount Waverley, not Mumbai.

  3. I'm with MATP - I only lasted two hours!

    They're really the equivalent of Drive Through Window operators - there to grab your coins and throw a brown bag of grease and salt back at you.

    Any complaints can therefore be yelled into the microphone (or the big rubbish bin just before you turn out into the main road) or handset but they won't get any further up the food chain than that.

    As for the poor bugger in the Call Centre, they're trying to finish their studies part time, pay the rent, get off with the cute guy four cubibles across and apply for better jobs online when the supervisor isn't walking past....

  4. Ooops, that was supposed to be 'cubicles', although 'cubibles' sounds like somewhere a broken down call centre worker goes to cry, pray and complete their breakdown.....