Monday, June 7, 2010

Viva Las Bogus

Because I now live on the 8th floor I believe I should be lucky. For those who believe in such things the number 8 is the luckiest number of all. People pay high prices for number plates and houses with the great lucky number 8 and believe that it will bring them good fortune. I'm still waiting. I don't have a good history of luck. I don't gamble generally, not because I have any moral fibre, it's more because I'm so incredibly bad at it. If I put money on the stock market the next day I would be woken up by a crashing sound of free falling markets plummeting through the floorboards. A colleague of mine today received a call on her mobile phone from a complete stranger telling her that she had won a trip to Florida and that all she had to do was pay $900 US with her credit card, pay for her own airfare to the States and when she got there she would receive her prize of a world cruise. She politely told the caller that she was at the gym and didn't have her credit card details, she suggested he call back another time. He responded, very concerned that she would only be able to claim her prize today. She politely ended the call. I admire her for her restraint. I don't think I would have been able to get through that conversation with at least giving the caller some direction of what to do with his prize and what part of his anatomy I suggest he insert it. I did however get a call once and was told I had won a trip to London and accused the woman on the end of the telephone of trying to sell me something and just before I was able to hang up in her ear she reminded me that I did actually enter a competition 2 days prior and I had actually won. And I didn't have to give my credit card details. So on lucky number 8 floor any minute now lady luck or her slack cousin should be knocking on my door any minute. I hope I'm home.


  1. For me it's always been the number three.

    ....then again, when I wanted to win $250,000 I got the 'consolation' prize of a Deeko napkin holder and in place of First Class tickets around the world? An inflatable football!

  2. I still haven't won lotto or the lottery. Might help if I purchase tickets on a more regular basis, but I seem to be lucky in other areas that don't actually bestow money upon one. If I play the pokies - call me a sucker - its always the machine next to me that I was gonna play in the first place that wins the $400 after just three spins. Darn it.

  3. Like Rowe, I seem to be lucky in other areas. For instance, if it's raining, the rain will often stop while I'm walking to or from work. I don't gamble either, except for one or two tickets in the mega draw lottos. The best gambling tip I ever got was "keep your money in your pocket". I live in unit 8 though, so maybe, one day soon.....