Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tell 'em they're dreaming

Vintage House
I'm interested to see how people decorate their homes. Actually, let me be honest here. I've developed a new addiction for watching home reno shows. Location, Relocation, Dislocation whatever, so long as I get to peer inside the front door and cast a critical eye over the floating floors, occasional rugs and those weird gourd looking things that just seem to appear in a corner -I'm glued. The makeover shows are the best. Particularly the ones from the UK where resident hosts include a man who just needs an excuse to go to the local pub to talk about location and a loud woman in a bright coat bursting through the front door shouting knock this through, push that out, open up this room until their home resembles a warehouse and some poor person a few years later needs to put all the walls back in again because it's so damn cold. With heritage listed buildings Ms Knock That Wall Down has to keep her mouth shut while the poor purchasees have to build a dream home with not much more than a Roman wall and a bit of grass. Pass the Tim Tams this stuff is priceless. This week Mr and Mrs I'm a Clinical Psychologist and my extra good looking husband who has no say in ANYTHING is apparently a GP and they both earn so much money they can afford to buy most of Wales and a smallish apartment next door to the Queen. All was going according to plan until they came across the mansion of her dreams and Mrs Psychologist is filmed jumping up and down waving her arms on a trampoline that doesn't belong to her, yet. There goes that career. So many homes, so many duck egg walls. So very few pool rooms.


  1. Ha I have duck egg walls and a pool room, and a ceiling that's threatening to collapse. I want one of those extreme makeover show to come and do the whole shebang for me. I'm just worried what I'm going to do when Master Chef ends.

  2. We had a pool room growing up, but I used to use it as a cubby house by draping an old candlewick bedspread over the top and hiding underneath the legs - stylish *and* thrifty!

  3. I used to go to "open for inspection" houses, just so I could get a look inside that gorgeous/cute/interesting place that I've often wondered about. Got a few decorating tips that way too. Now I do my snooping online.