Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A woman's right to change her mind

Is it just me or do other people cut and run?

When I think of the amount of things I haven't finished or seen through to the end I've come to the realisation that I just seem to change my mind a lot. I've started so many courses, have a few incomplete qualifications, and can say 'hello, my name is..' in a least 5 different languages but not much beyond that. Come to think of it I have unfinished knitting in the cupboard, I have a half written novel somewhere on the computer and my fish curry tonight was definitely underdone. It's lucky I haven't got married. I would have got halfway up the aisle and gone 'hhmmm...maybe not', turned around and gone back.

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  1. All the time, Lorna, all the time. My life is one big series of unfinished projects. I used to make my own clothing when my adult sons were little. I ask myself now, how did I do that? I think it is sometimes more fun just starting something new, the plotting, the anticipation of it all, and then when it is finished, well, it's kind of sad. You have to find something else to do.