Monday, February 15, 2010

Good riddance to good rubbish

Have you ever decided to give something up for a set period of time? There has been a few items in the media lately about people who have given up drinking, like a month or a year. Having read about the revelations of being sober amongst plastered friends and relatives the rewards stated seem to be few and the role of designated driver too many. Life is too short to give up good things. Good wine, good food and good company. Giving up cheap highly processed beer or worse the coloured mixers available that are so obviously targeted at teenagers they might as well call them Barbie Booze is something I encourage anyone to give up. I could give up wine if I had to but it would need to come with a rock solid guarantee that a) no one would piss me off to such an extent I'd need to go home, open my fridge door and lie mouth open with my head in the crisper and pour Chardonnay down my face and b) there would be some point to it other than becoming a bore and driving home pissed peers. People who give up are like people who detox. If you are going to do it just do and shut the hell up because the rest of us think it's all bollocks and it's putting us off our drinks. Cheers.


  1. YES! I think that *real* abstainers should remain silent. Nothing worse than a reformed drinker or smoker lecturing the rest of us... it too early for a GnT?

  2. Drinking at your place sounds like fun, Lorna. Must try that myself one day ... gurgle slurp gulp.