Monday, February 8, 2010

Saint Valentine The Brave

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Ah romance. Romance and the 14th of February. I feel for men in the lead up to Valentine's day they are either damned if they do and damned if they don't come up with the goods. Is it as easy as popping on a silly hat and giving her a beach ball? I doubt it and judging from this photo I think she has bigger worries such as he is probably gay. But that aside, what is the best approach for a man in the lead up to Valentine's day? Is it dinner? Yes provided that he won't mind being slugged a premium, not getting into the place that you really wanted and bearing the brunt of the waiters that detest this night because it's like serving people their dinner in their bedroom and trying to get them interested in a discussion about organic pig farming. Perhaps a simple gift, but if it's stuffed and furry they need to be really sure or he'll see Mr "I Luv U" cuddly gorilla fly out the window and hit the recycle bin so fast he will think it's a shooting star. Jewellery is a no brainer but underwear is a recipe for disaster. No matter what they choose it's wrong, just plain wrong. You won't wear that colour, it's the wrong size (dream on loverboy) and if it's edible he'll be seeing it on his sandwiches the next day at smoko. As for women and what to buy men? Any old shit really they're far too stressed to care.


  1. Haha . . well not an issue for me. I have no Valentine so I won't be paying $200 for a box of long stemmed roses!

  2. Or buy nothing and instead do it on a day where you're not compelled to by the shops and advertisers.

    A good coffee and cuddle is always good though.

  3. Coffee and cuddle, and roses and a diamond and a world cruise...oops. Too much?

  4. I never understood why they chose Cupid as a symbol for Valentine's Day. When I think of romance, the last thing I think of is a chubby toddler flying towards me with a weapon.