Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Tiger is back on the prowl

Look who's back, it's Tiger. Yes Mr Woods will be returning, the Age website tells me today, "Tiger Woods will apologise for his infidelities on Saturday morning, Australian time, in his first public outing since he crashed his car into a tree in November last year, his agent says". Gee, I must remember to set the alarm. I don't understand why he feels the need to apologize but then I don't think the apology is actually for me. I'm not a fan, a wife, a sponsor or a girlfriend so probably don't warrant any public display of "I'd like to put it all behind me now" which seems to be the standard for most sporting identities that get caught doing things that would ordinarily be punishable by law but Tige's in my view hasn't done anything to bother me. I like his sense of spirit, coming back into public life after reportedly his wife clobbered him with the one thing that made him famous. A bit like an AFL wife putting a goal post through the back window of her cheating husband's shiny sports car or a rugby player's wife wedging his head up his own backside, there are endless possibilities here just waiting to be publicly explored. So there is no need to accept any apology and I hope he continues to play up, get caught, get beaten up or drive into trees, whatever happened it was the most interesting thing to happen to golf in years.

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