Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Wedding Makers

Did anyone see The Wedding Makers on ABC on Thursday night? We've seen Bridezilla's, Father of the Bride, the Wedding Planner and I think there is a Wedding Singer somewhere in there as well but there seems to be no limit of material on this subject. As one who has never donned the mosquito net and left foot, right foot togethered, I still find the viewing fascinating. They know it's only one day, but somehow they seem to scourge about 6 months worth of 'for the wedding' conversation before you are fantasizing about deleting them from your phone contacts list. One thing about weddings and worse, wedding planning screams control freak. How much control should these people have about their special day? From the footage we see the wedding planner moving the main centre piece of flowers from one side of the church to the other while the priest stands there in disbelief wondering if she's going to move the statue of Jesus on the crucifix to the carpark because it didn't fit in the with tea roses and tulle concept. The catering staff are criticised if they don't carve the individual butter servings into the shape of the couples faces and the makeup artist must produce at least 4 clones of Scarlett Johansson by 10am. For all the, my wedding will be special ideas, I find that all weddings are pretty much the same. A day of ill fitting dresses, luke warm chicken breast with coagulating sauce and too many shit faced relatives. For all the money spent you could fly first class to just about anywhere and spent the next 2 weeks planning how to offload the crap gifts from people who you can't actually recall knowing. Still, it always makes good viewing but the scary thing is it's more real than reality television.

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  1. Lorna, I love your sense of humour, you remind me of Ethel Chop, at times. It is amazing how much money goes down the gurgler for that one special day. I saw an Oprah show on this whole issue, not so much the wedding planner aspect, but the fantasy the woman carries in her head about it all and the accompanying amount of dosh she will borrow if she must then spend to enact it. I agree, fly first class to somewhere fabulous and have the time of you life with your new husband.