Sunday, May 24, 2009

Your the cream in my coffee...

The corridors of power have let us down. We have a Lord Mayor who questions our fine city's reputation for coffee.

I was appaled to read in the Sunday Age that our Lord Mayor Robert Doyle stated in the Melbourne Magazine that Melbourne's coffee is overrated. Having travelled to some cities outside of our fine country I have struggled to find greater coffee and cafes than here in Melbourne (Italy excluded). In Paris it's cheaper to drink wine than coffee and what they serve could pass for something collected as a Yarra River sample, in London if it's not tea it doesn't matter what you dish up and in Tokyo it gets all too confusing with vending machines and you find yourself looking sideways and slipping across a folded yen note in nearby Starbucks just to get a fix. I recommend my dear mayor to travel abroad more to understand the difference between good coffee and shit coffee. Ordering a pot of tea at Pellegrinis is like going to the Vatican and telling them Jesus was gay. Melbourne has great coffee and great cafes, The Journal where we go to drink coffee and look intelligent, Brunetti's cake and coffee makes Sunday... Sunday and Pellegrinis to pretend we're Italian. So many more, so much a part of life that a limp tea bag cannot compete with. Un cappuccini, per favore.


  1. I live a two minutes walk from the best coffee, coffee shop, which is actually a half-hour walk accompanied by my daughter, who must pick every flower and walk on every fenced 'wall' that we pass to get there.

  2. And the coffee in Canada (North America in general), is beyond bad, though Doyle obviously wouldn't know the difference. Why do we have a Mayor that poo-poos Melbourne so?