Saturday, May 30, 2009

To Whom It May Concern

With a Saturday browse through the job advertisements to see what jobs I would be good at, I stumble across a well known sporting industry association advertising for a Public Affairs Manager. Given recent well publicised events, I would suggest that the last thing this association needs is any more public affairs however the criteria provides some better description. To apply I would need to have experience working in journalism. Perhaps the odd letter to the editor of Ralph magazine would suffice. I would also need to be an experienced media adviser, well hell who hasn't screamed at the telly once in a while...'what a load of crap, give us some real news' etc. But I feel I'm most qualified in the criteria for possessing a strong understanding of the issues impacting on their industry and the ability to identify and deal with the issues. Surely it's a no brainer job this one. Nail their underpants on would be the first place to start and give them something to do that would occupy their idle minds like stamp collecting or the study of map reading perhaps. Too easy, need something more challenging.

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