Thursday, May 6, 2010

Don't give me any more of that pink ribbon shit

Since when did Mother's Day become Cancer Day? With a lineup of yesterday's celebrities tripping over each others walking frames to get into the limelight in the name of the big "C" makes me cringe just a bit. The real stories of extraordinary bravery and survival from cancer deserve their day in its own right. No more would we want Father's Day to become Prostate Day (and I'm sure there is a ribbon for that too) should the women we love and respect be only associated with serious illness. Womanhood or motherhood does not mean victimhood. We do not need rescuing and if we did we have a mobile phone with a list of contacts under W for white knight if needed. We do not need to wear pink to remind us we have ovaries. If you love your mother and want to show her your appreciation, cook her a meal or buy her a car, your choice. Happy mothers day to the strong, independent, funny, powerful, motivating, intelligent women out there who do it all every day. It takes a bit more than a ribbon to represent all that.


  1. Ovaries? You have ovaries? Wow I'm impressed. Mine are long gone. Yeh I'm not a fan of causes hijacking every high day and holiday. Then I think Mother's Day has been hijacked by Hallmark. I won't be knocking back the flowers and champers tho as long as they're not bloody crysanthemums bought at a roadside stall . .do you have those down there! I swear . .every 2kms some grubby man flogging chrysies. BAH!

  2. Thank you, Lorna. I'm waiting for my girl to arrive home from her overnight stay at her dad's place. The son still living at home left me a box of Darrell Lea Turkish Delight and wished me a happy mothers day written on the back of a receipt from Cotton On in thick black permanent texta - he leaves early to his job as a chef. I also received a text from the dad and daughter asking me what size slippers. My eldest son who is married and lives far far away at Wagga Wagga, has still not been in contact. Hopefully I will hear from him by days end. He's a youth pastor so no doubt is busy busy with church business making sure all the other mothers are being made to feel special for the day :)