Monday, May 31, 2010

Will you still need me, when I'm 3!

Have you ever thought about retiring? I do every Monday morning however having done the calculations I will need to work a little bit longer, until I'm at least 112 then I can go part time. In Paris last week they were thinking about retiring. According to the Australian newspaper today France last week announced a plan to raise the legal retirement age from 60 to 63 and judging from the photograph of protesters they were not real keen on the idea. If someone said I had to wait another three years before I get to sit in the sun drink great wine and eat smelly cheese all day I'd be a bit grumpy too. So when the day of retirement comes what are your plans? Mine don't go beyond much more than sleep in. Followed by ... sleep in again the next day. I don't do camping, art and craft shows make me nauseous and the only thing I can think to do with a caravan involves a heavy crane and steep cliff. Volunteer work is, well work and unless it's so much fun it's not work, then leave it in the work category and pay up you tight arse scrooges and joining a painting or craftwork group is just an opportunity to eat biscuits until it's time to go home for 'Antiques Roadshow' made by and about, you guessed it. Maybe I will get up for work tomorrow. I'm not quite ready for the great road trip around the bend just yet.


  1. I'd write, I think. Sitting in my beach house on top of a very high cliff so that rising sea levels don't drown me. Host dinner parties with guests flown in by helicopter; meal cooked by Love Chunks with produce from his chef's garden which he tends in his spare time in between driving his dream fishing boat.....

  2. Oh, wait. I wrote about a LOTTO fantasy, not retirement.

    Sitting in our crumbling, tiny house, warming my fingers over our last remaining candle before my $17 payment (super isn't great as a freelancer and pensions won't be around in the future) arrives....

  3. My retirement days will probably be spent pottering about the house doing not much of anything, interspersed with blocks of dvd watching. Retirement age is currently set at 65 isn't it? I can't wait. Although they'll probably raise it to 70, just to spite me....
    The way my back is going, I may not make it to 60, let alone 65.

  4. How about lawn bowls, Lorna, surely that gets your veins pumping, :)