Sunday, May 23, 2010


Spending a bright sunny weekend in bed with the flu brings out the worst in anyone. For some it always seems a little worse than it is. When I take to my bed, I generally like to stay there until it's safe to come out (safe for anyone else that is). Visitors are strictly prohibited and any attempt to come over and 'cheer me up' would probably be met with a sawn off shotgun at the foot of the bed. Phones are not answered, email is left to fester in the never never and any advertisement suggesting I should soldier on is drowned out by a tirade of blocked nasal pitched abuse. With not much left but television and newspapers I find my tolerance levels for wall to wall AFL even lower than it's usual miniscule amount however one little gem this week couldn't go unpicked. Gays. And how AFL footballers are apparently scared of them. I laughed so hard that I needed to straighten myself up before I could consider that they really do believe in their own hero mythology. Here are some of the great AFL myths. That they are good at all sports, that they are world famous and that all women AND men find them desirable. Either my medication is working better than expected or I actually read that Eddie Maguire publicly disagreed with the comments made by this overpaid neanderthal. What next, he will be asking them to consider women as equals? I need to lie down.


  1. And we wonder why the AFL is the last male-only sporting code ON THE PLANET that doesn't have an out-and-proud gay player in it.

    What's hilarious is that Aker - with his white hair, black beard and pineapple skin thinks he'd be uncomfortable in a shower with a gay man. Seeing as he doesn't seem to be fending off hordes of women too often, why does he (and most other men) assume that they'd be catnip to the gay blokes?

  2. Odd how most homophobes think that all gays are "out to get them", constantly "on the prowl", "looking for fresh meat" and all that hoo-hah. Really, most gays are just like the rest of us, in love, in a long-term relationship with their significant other.