Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Frozen Songstress Anyone?

Some pop star wants to be frozen. That's what they told me on the radio this morning. She learned that Walt Disney did it and now she wants it ie., kept frozen until the technological know how is invented to revive her, the medical knowledge is invented to cure her of whatever it was that killed her in the first place and most importantly...someone to remember where they put her. Why wait until you die? Do it now, save time. So with an horrific vision of a minor celebrity wedged in between my chicken stock and frozen peas I ate my breakfast and caught up on yesterday's newspaper. More food dilemmas. Beef prices are going up so we all have to eat chicken according to the word on the fast food street "Burger kings crying fowl over beef" The Australian May 25. "In addition to pushing its boneless chicken wings..." one fast food chain is reported. Wait one featherless sick chicken pickin' minute there my friend. Did you say BONELESS chicken wings? And do I think for a minute that Mr Meat Processing Man is going to pin bone a scrawny mass produced chicken wing every .5 of a second one rolls in front of him? No, let's just assume that they are now growing them without bones because nothing would surprise me in the industry where an animal is not an animal but a product to be dispatched. The movie Food Inc. is out now and if you are brave enough to take responsibility for what you eat, I dare you or pick up a copy of The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan and read how it doesn't have to be this way. Bet you didn't even know that cows ate grass - not grains, mashed up fish offal or bits of other animals, corn, antibiotics, hormones, but grass. I don't want to get to the point where everything we eat is a slimy brown or orange colour and the only choice I have is in a box or a bucket. Just give me a bucket, blahhh.


  1. I plan on reading Michael Pollan's books, but the library never has them in. Guess I'll have to buy them.
    Re: why wait until you die? Ha Ha. This is a standing joke between me and my daughter. She says why wait? Just give me your book, cd, dvd collection now. Plus the tv, dvd player. To which I often say, gee, is there anything else you want? And she starts hunting through my cupbords....

  2. We were just chatting about the chicken thing last night, as it happened. I remember seeing a 'Far Side' cartoon years ago featuring the Boneless Chicken ranch with heaps of flat 'joke rubber chickens' lying all about the place.

    Maybe Larsson could sue for having his idea stolen!