Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Low Fat Lard

It was all so easy before we had low carb, low GI, low joule and low self esteem according to this picture. There's no nano technology scaring these people off their tv dinners. Having scoffed the last chocolate chip cookie at work today with a flawed excuse to myself that because it's home made, it's not bad for me. It doesn't matter whose home so long as it's not a highly processed item and made by someone who cares, I believe I can eat guilt free. My theory is if you know what it was made from and it's all from natural ingredients ie., not something that was originated in a lab or was developed by NASA then by all means eat yourself silly. Mind you, if this blog lies silent all of a sudden you will know my theory didn't work and the lard got me in the end. But at least I died happy.

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