Monday, June 15, 2009

Super Everyday Man

How often does the subject come up about women having it all? I'm yet to work out what it all exactly is. If it's everything that your heart desires, don't men want it all too? Surely men are juggling people, job and deadlines as much as women with kids, the cleaning and taxi duties. Not to detract anything from the endless tasks of raising kids, occasionally we should hear about Dad who's juggling 30 people in a day most of which are behaving like toddlers, and he's keeping the inbox as organised as the toy box and moving several millions worth of goods around the country with another at the other end screaming, is it here yet? Super Dad's also have to wipe bottoms, be there at feeding time and deal with the tantrums, and this is just to get out of a boardroom meeting. So let's hear it for both parties in the my day is more shitty than your day debate. We all get there in the end, even superman started out as mediocre man before he got his flying pants.

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