Friday, June 5, 2009

Thank heaven for little girls

An advertisement for an expensive private school in a local magazine comes with a close up photograph of a young girl appearing to be pondering life's mysteries over her boiled egg breakfast and states 'she will discover the answer through inquiry-based learning'.
What other type of learning is there? The take it or leave it kind perhaps? The, this is what I was taught so suck it up learning or the much more hoped for, my kid is going to be so smart your kid will increase its IQ just by sniffing my kid's lunch box. Schools, particularly girls schools seem to advertise around the nurturing, caring, young lady embarking on womanhood concept which is all very fine until she comes home and tells you one of her classmates reckons she's done a porn film on utube. Enough to put you off your boiled egg I suspect. Selecting the right school should be based on specific criteria such as how many girls were admitted into rehab at the end of last year, how many have appeared on the cover of Zoo magazine and were there any unlicensed firearms or nuclear devices found hidden in lockers.

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