Friday, June 12, 2009

Pink in Parliament

Queensland Premier (not pictured) Anna Bligh was criticised in today's paper for wearing hot pink into the office this week. Who cares. If she comes in dressed as Batman screaming holy pineapple every five minutes it doesn't matter so long as she's doing a good job, yes? Wearing pink to work shouldn't be criticised, nor should any woman who chooses to select a stylishly coloured suit in preference to black, black and more black. Male politicians appear to be able to throw on suits of various descriptions and somehow manage to go without notice and certainly no newspaper comment. The article asks if you or anyone you know has ever worn hot pink into the office and then states unless you are employed by one of the country's many houses of parliament, probably not because outside of government not very many women do. Gee I don't know, I've seen question time on the telly and I've not been distracted by the hot pink outfits. Are these women hiding behind the Speaker or something? Wear pink to the office, the brighter the better and hopefully send out a beacon of light to some very dull and not at all courageous suit wearers. And don't forget to match your accessories, with your permission of course Mr Speaker.

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  1. Agreed. Though, I would question her suitability if she wore Batman and screamed holy pineapple every five minutes.