Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Eating

The Easter long weekend is in my mind one for eating, sleeping and more eating. It's a relatively boring weekend with trading chaos as religion and public holiday rates drag down the grates of the local supermarket but the local TAB opens its doors to the needy, downtrodden and depressed. It's just a shame they don't sell food or I'd be there. With an offer to share a Sunday lunch with my family's family including people ranging in years from half an hour old to 154, I declined the ritual and embark on a weekend of dining out. So far the quest has been a collection of blessed home cooking in a restaurant kind of way, Sicilian beef cotolleta (read schnitzel) at the Canteen with fabulous Rosa looking out over the pass as I look down on Flinder's lane lunchtime foot traffic. Rosa has been producing her family meals since the family was invented and even though there are only 3 main courses to choose from the choice is one of the hardest quests of the day. Saturday saw me at the Cellar Bar performing ancient macrame with the Australian newspaper just to get it to fit on my teeny table to leave enough room for a lamb ragu with penne and glass of Italian red. The waiters in this place have a sense of European pace and importance which is sadly missing from a lot of local eateries, they switch things on and off your table like they were hidden under eggcups and swapped around before you can remember what was there before. And today Cafe Vue provided a cold wagyu burger at a shared table with a couple sitting next to me that thought it was acceptable to put their toddlers nappied arse on the same table I was eating at. If I had a rottweiler and told it to sit on the table someone would call the cops. I wish some people would stay at home. So tomorrow is another day and another food opportunity, then I really will need to stop doing this before a) I'm broke and b) my pants are too small.

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  1. I love the Flinders Lane area, so grotty but so interesting. Toddlers should be banned from all eateries that don't have a stupid red and yellow clown and a playground.