Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Speaking words of wisdom

According to The (London) Times '63,000 flights over the past four days have saved 1.3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide...'. See, every cloud does have a silver lining (even if it is made up of broken glass and ash). A triumph of non air based travel has prevailed as people scramble for sea berths, bus seats and expensive sore bottoms in taxis. Should we really be so concerned about a little weather event in a land where only the local people can pronounce the towns? Board the planes and take off I say, let's see what modern aviation can do. Surely a little grit with your cabin pressure is merely exfoliation whilst flying. Your meal tray might have a little more crunch than usual and the roar of the engine might be muffled due to the giant condom it's wearing - trojan for toughness during turbulence but at least you can say I got to where I needed to go. Yes, the ability to get to the wedding, scheduled medical procedure or back to work location is the most important thing right now and a mere volcanic eruption should not stand in our way to get to where we must get to. And then what? We have to get to somewhere else. And then somewhere after that. What happens if we don't go anywhere? Do we have to get anywhere if we don't go anywhere? I think what happens then is you just be. For a brief moment anyway. Just be. Enjoy it if you can.


  1. My daughter's now ex-best-friend's mother (are you still with me?) is stuck in Paris instead of being able to fly on to London. Yep, stuck in a five star hotel with nothing to do, all on paid work time. Poor love!

    .....and me, spending quarter of an hour this morning with a plastic bbq knife trying to scrape fresh dog shit from out of the treads of my new sneakers....

  2. Your daughter's ex-best-friend's mother probably has dog shit on her shoes too.