Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bored to be Alive

It's confirmation that you are getting old when you start referring to people as "young people" and then that disapproving "tskgghhh" sound comes out of your mouth as a sound track to old person's disbelief at what you are looking at. I discovered today that flirting has a whole new meaning now that we have technology. Where as before, a note, a call, a punch on the arm was all that was needed to say we were "going 'round". These days apparently it's expected you need to submit (sext) a close up picture of a body part on a mobile phone as part of the courting ritual. Preferably your own body part and not one cropped from somebody who is ten years younger or fitter. Personally I prefer photographs of me to be more distant than that. Basically it would be taken at such a distance you would be hard pressed to confirm it was actually me let alone a shot of thigh or breast. Facebook and the Skype prove no match to a Blue Light disco where one could lean up against the wall all night listening "Born to Be Alive..Born, Born, Born, Born to Be Alive". Drinks weren't spiked because you brought your own bottle of Jim Beam and nobody stabbed anybody because the studs on your t-shirt sleeves said you were tough enough. Cars were old and crappy and the only thing getting high was your hair. You were permanently bored and hated the world. With songs like Born to Be Alive being played over and over again we had every right to be bored. Come to think of it those young people should be bloody grateful our generation invented the internet or they would still be dancing around their handbags.

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  1. You know what? They're STILL dancing around their handbags. Especially the boys!