Thursday, April 22, 2010

A touch of Coco to release me from reality

I intend to go and see a movie on the weekend, Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky which from what Margaret and David tell us on the Movie Show, is not a great movie and perhaps a little bit on the dull side. But I disregard this in order to gain a glimpse of the background Art Deco apartment which makes my eyes light up where I make this kind of soft sighing sound like most people do when they see babies or small dogs. I've become one of those old people that go to the cinema and notice the linen bed sheets and the festoon blinds, while the two star attractions are shagging each others brains out front of screen. I have been known to interrupt the "yes, oh yes..." with a whispered "do you think that's Egyptian cotton?" I saw Miss Pettrigrew Lives For A Day over and over again which probably has one of the more slender movie plots around but the apartment deserved an Oscar alone. I long to swan around an apartment with a grand curved gold staircase in my oyster silk ostrich feathered robe, martini glass in hand and lengthy list of gentleman callers to call upon. Unfortunately the reality is more likely a gungy t-shirt, laundry basket in one hand and remote control in the other. Still that's what movies are for. Have a great weekend folks. Now, where does one find ostrich feathers these days?


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  2. Dahlink I fully intend to be thrown out of Chanel in Paris for being a scruffy Australian backpacker and a million sizes too large for her famous black suits. I will photograph art deco just for you and yes, I love beautiful linen . . it's far to pretty to sully with sex. My advice, don't listen to David, Margaret has the smahts! Mwah!