Tuesday, April 13, 2010

North and South is fine by me

I decided to do something brave over Easter and get in my car and travel to a shopping mall. Within 15 minutes I have arrived at the queue of cars snaking into the layer upon layer of concrete car parking. I must have been early for mall shopping standards because I found a car park quite quickly and felt like I should be awarded some sort of a prize. I glibly walked away from my parked car and entered into the giant monument of bewilderment. I was in the 'new' section apparently. It had changed since the first time I went there in the 1970's when it was a shopping corridor with a north and south but no east or west. It had about 20 shops and a ramp for excitement. Now it has a grand piano and possible some undiscovered tribe living somewhere in the loading dock. There was a movie once about a man who lived at an airport. If you ask me he went to the wrong place, no baby grand there! I walked in and out of shops one after another with enough enthusiasm to think that I was going to have a difficult choice decided from all the shopping choices that surrounded me. After an hour I realised I hadn't really progressed very far from where I came in and noticed that I had forgotten what it was that I actually came for. By now the twinkling piano was starting to piss me off and the lack of anything different from the previous shop was becoming very dull. The energy drained away from me and I regularly looked up into the sky light to make sure night hadn't fallen. I walked passed the same shops or so it seemed, and eventually found my way back to my landmark that lead me back to the car park. Having purchased nothing and with tired legs I walked through the car park in search of my car. I did that, searched for my car that is for nearly half an hour. I'm yet to understand the attraction with these places even with everything under one roof but never having been an all your eggs in one basket kind of girl I guess I might have been happy with 20 shops and a ramp after all.


  1. Think Of It As A Rehearsal For Heaven............

  2. Too mant shops in one place tends to leave me overwhelmed; not to mention the blaring sound tracks that vary from shop to shop....

    I'm often an Ezibuy woman - basics delivered to my door.

  3. I get frazzled in shopping centres that are unfamiliar and usually go home without making a purchase and losing my car . . frequent occurrence! Although once when I really thought I had a bout of retardation, it had actually been stolen!