Thursday, October 1, 2009

Turn the clocks back 30 years

On Sunday we are told, we must turn our clocks forward an hour for Daylight Saving. On the other side of the world it's called Summer Time. It doesn't correspond with our clock changes so the global business world will again be struggling with changed scheduled conference calls and video link ups to ensure they are not requesting their counterparts to a meeting that would normally be at a time when they are either still in bed or tucking into their dinner. The whole daylight savings concept we are told was to give us an extra hour of daylight activity at the end of the day. This is somewhat perplexing for a country that suffers intensely hot summers where you stare out the window wishing that the bastard sun would disappear. Daylight saving belongs in a time when children played kick the can in the street. These days kids preferences are a PlayStation and grand theft auto games in preference to extra time go-cart building or a game of marbles before being called for dinner. Fading curtains and confused birds aside, I think it's time we reassessed if we really need this throwback to six o'clock closing times and children playing under the garden hose. If I wanted more daylight I would have moved to Norway. Bring on night, I need to sleep.


  1. Oh I so agree. At the end of a long hot day I can't wait for that sun to go down. The last thing I want is an extra hour of headache inducing glare. Daylight saving also means that once again I am walking to work in the dark, just as I do all winter.

  2. Daylight savings sucks. Stupidest idea since sliced white bread.