Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kitchen Drawer Discipline

It seems Dame Spank is alive and well with all this talk in the media about smacking. Personally I think you can't beat a damn good spanking...oh you mean we are not talking about that kind of spanking? Ok then, if it's children we are talking about then I don't have much to contribute on that one. However if it takes a few kitchen utensils to shut them up when they are particularly obnoxious then by all means go for it. But as to whether it works I'm not so sure, there are only so many items in that third kitchen draw. Somehow I get the impression that they grow up to be just as obnoxious as they were when they were rolling around on the ground pounding their fists into the shag pile. We all know a few adults that could do with a quick smack on the legs and come to think of it they have probably progressed far beyond a wooden spoon and now require a solid four by two with a rusty nail to pull them into shape (and I'm thinking Brendan Fevola?). So smacking with a wooden spoon? So what. It's when you go looking in the tool shed you know you've crossed the border.


  1. I must admit to resorting to taking a younger Sapphire on - to quote Queen Elizabeth's nanny from BlackAdder 2 - "A short, sharp trip to bottyland."

    Sometimes you need your kid to be just a tiny bit afraid of you, or you end up with a monster who doesn't ever listen. And boy, have I seen a few of those in my time!

  2. My mum broke many wooden spoons on my arse throughout the 1980's, as was the fashion of the time, and I turned out perfectly normal... purple-monkey-dishwasher (Please, no mother! The sailor's outfit doesn't fit me anymore mother!)