Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A nice cup of tea and a non origin specific cream biscuit

Having given up the fur and fags (ok just don't put anything cute and fluffy near me on a winter's day) I am now reading I have to be careful about biscuits. The Age tells me today that Coles have backed down over a 'racist' biscuit and elected to change the name of their Creole Creme biscuit. "The word Creole comes from a period when people's humanity was measured by the amount of white blood they had in their bloodstream. This is the same kind of thought that underpinned horrific regimes like the Nazis," according to the deputy director of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Unit at the University of Queensland. "People need to exercise their intellect. This so-called blending was actually the institutionalised rape of black women. They were victims of brutal regimes of rape and victimisation." I had no idea. And I'm disturbed by such an example of cruelty towards any people but I'm still not sure what this has to do with a crappy biscuit? Racism is generally along the lines of, I'm superior to you because of the colour of your skin, country of origin etc., but when you start talking about words such as rape and Nazis in relation to something that goes with a cup of tea you've lost me. Just don't let them see the Ginger Nuts and Gaiety or all hell will break loose.


  1. Now I'm concerned what will happen to the Boston Chocolate, Monte Carlo and Venetian varieties of biscuit.

  2. Or my personal lunchtime favourite, the Salada - they could get sued for misleading advertising, 'cos there's no salad in them!