Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where the sun don't shine

Sun. Suddenly there is sunshine and winter begins to fade away behind a long cloud. Last year's summer wardrobe resembles something you should dry the dishes with and that exercise bike you bought to get your new sleek summer bod is used to hang the ironing on. With one day this week over 25 degrees Melbourne's population reached into the far side of the closet only to pull out a selection of 'what was I thinking' and too tight disappointments. Balmy Mondays aside is there really justification to step outside in thongs, tea towel tea shirt and shorts so tight they have sought refugee status in the crevice of your backside? Where has summer fashion gone? It was the 80's that allowed us the short sleeved linen suit only to be replaced by the all conquering singlet. When did the singlet, tank top or cotton camisole if you are going all posh on us become accepted as formal outerwear? I don't care if you are going to the gym and haven't eaten carbs since you chewed on your rattle, singlets are not formal wear. And as for the trend at the moment of people not putting their pants on, (has anyone else noticed this?), it seems you put your jacket on and put on your tights and off you go. No oops forgot my trousers, this is actually catching on. At first I thought we had an Alzheimer's epidemic but alas I think it's just fashion. Or maybe the pants ended up on 'Christmas Island' where those too tight shorts ended up.


  1. Ha Ha. You want to see some truly awful clothing choices? Go to
    Don't be drinking coffee because you may just spit it all over your keyboard........

  2. "...shorts so tight they have sought refugee status in the crevice of your backside?"

    I just spat my coffee over the keyboard!