Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Folsom Apartment

Released at last. With a promise to my parole officer never to threaten telco call centre operators again by saying I will reach through the phone and pull out their tonsils and put them back somewhere they are not normally found just for asking me if there was anything else they can help me with when they haven't helped me at all after waiting more than 30 minutes on the phone being passed from technical support (no support that's the technicality), then billings department (yes we are charging you for this very complaint) and then passed onto a third department which all went home an hour ago, just to get a password reset, I am now living in my new home ... minus a password or two. God I hate moving house. I wake up on day one in the new bedroom looking in the mirror beyond the boxes and am a bit shocked at how bad my complexion has fared from the move. Then realising I had forgotten to take the bubble wrap off the mirror I notice there is little improvement. One should make a note to oneself that if you are going to downsize, make sure you get rid of some stuff before you move in. My lounge room looks like a furniture shop, I'm using my oven to store linen and I am only starting to adjust to sleeping standing up. So other than a smoke detector with some attention deficit disorder and a stiff neck all is well. Just got to fix that password problem without landing back in the slammer.


  1. Oh you poor thing - I'm still laughing about yoru bubble wrap confusion but, honestly, I'm feeling your pain too....(Tries Hard Not To Keep Laughing).....

  2. Important notice: Remove linen before lighting oven.