Monday, October 26, 2009

Is that turbulence or snoring up there?

"Steady on old chap. You mean those damn commercial airline pilots have been asleep all along?" Yes folks the story is out. Pilots overshooting the airport because they were curled up in the cockpit having a nap. Why is it that pilots can sleep on planes but no one in economy can? It seems we need a driver alive campaign for our catnapping captains to pull over (say, Hong Kong?) and have a power nap before continuing the journey. Perhaps a Kit Kat and a nice cup of tea at Dubai might see us all safely to our destination. The next time I am on a long hall flight I will be curious about the sleep clinic up front and be requesting the nearest flight attendant to rattle loudly on the cockpit door when she sees the lights of Heathrow ahead. No more cups of warm cocoa up front, it's ground up No-Doze and espresso's all round.

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