Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lies, lies and artichokes

They are at it again. According to the Herald Sun today Ralph Lauren have airbrushed a model into a skeleton. Airbrushed, digitally enhanced, photo shopped call it what you like but it's lying, yes good old fashioned pants on fire, telling porkie pies, lies. It's insulting to the model who now resembles a freshly picked artichoke, stalk and all with a head of alien proportion to the rest of her body. Would you really consider buying a car with a digitally enhanced engine? It's bad enough that real estate agents have discovered the trickery almost to the point of airbrushing out the dumpster from the front lawn and scanning in manicured gardens with trompe l'oeil and water feature. You know we are going to find out soon enough. When I go to start up the engine in the latest model turbo charged, twin cam fuel injected nothing under the bonnet family wagon the deal will be off. Airbrushing someone who is sufficiently thin into something that would not be able to walk upright is a cruel portrayal of a woman. Even artichokes have a heart.

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