Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Decency Departure Lounge

So how do we all feel about airport trials of naked passenger scanners? As reported in today's online Age 'an x-ray machine which takes "naked" images of airline passengers is undergoing trials in England as part of a new high-tech security system'. The report goes on to tell us that images taken are not pornographic and will be destroyed immediately. Yes, of course, and the Internet is a safe place for private and personal information to be stored.

'The airport's head of customer experience (experience!!), Sarah Barrett, said the machine removed the need for passengers to take off coats, shoes and belts at security checks as well as the "pat down" search, procedures which were detested by most people'. So you are telling us that they (including those who are considered newsworthy) would rather be naked in front of a bored customs official that will hit that 'send' button faster than you can say breast enlargement or tampon? Get real people. This is a hideous invasion of privacy and abuse of common decency.

We are told refusal of this scanner is an option but for how long I wonder. So before long we have portfolios instead of passports and nudity clauses on our e-tickets.
You take my picture with no clothes on, you pay me $100,000. Next.


  1. Do what you are told or I'll call in the anti-terrorist squad.

  2. Or maybe the customs officials who are viewing our nude photos should be working nude?

    Erk, on second thought, maybe not.

  3. Just make sure you put on your nice knickers next time you fly.