Tuesday, March 2, 2010

One day this will be a reality

I'm not very good at predicting things. Actually, I take that back. I'm really crap at it. It's a family tradition, a bit like my father telling me in the 1970's on a visit to one of the first McDonald's in the country, that the food was based on adult tastes and it would never catch on. Similar to this I predicted that mobile phones were a passing fad, manners would one day return to everyday life and more recently that Twitter and Facebook being only for the teenage generation would die a speedy and penniless death like the Olsen Twins (got that wrong too). Twitter and Facebook references are everywhere. When you log onto your health insurance website, it says "follow us on Twitter". WHY? And as if that's not bad enough, your bank has a facebook page. You can't speak to a bank manager in person but you can become one of his or her "friends". When business tries to muscle in on the cool then it all goes horribly wrong. A bit like, television was cool until the TAC got hold of it? It's like being at a really cool place and a school group turn up. So no I don't want to twitter my dental extras or befriend a corporation, I'm going to ignore them. And then they will go away. That's another prediction.


  1. I refuse to twitter. I don't want to 'follow' anyone or feel compelle to entetain my followers with such witticisms as 'I just farted in the car'.

    I do have a Facebook page though *blush blush*

  2. I'm with you Kath, my farts are for my real friends.

  3. Shit, I could almost be your dad. In a sociology tute at Coburg Teachers' College in 1981 I predicted the demise of:
    1) Voting Liberal - young people will never fall for their crap again;
    2) Alcohol - once you try dope you'll ditch that crap;
    3) Tattoos - why would anyone want to look like a scumbag lowlife?

    Yep, I was right on the money, wasn't I?

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  5. I'm still predicting that big bro is gonna get us all via our computers or iphones one day. It won't be hard, look at us, we're all getting increasingly addicted to being plugged in to something, and used to having our photos taken by 'security' cameras in shopping centres and public toilets. I smell a big rat.

  6. Lad, we should go into business. Guaranteed to be bankrupt within a week.