Saturday, March 13, 2010

Five Courses + Fashion = Fat Saturday

Today was about food and indulgence. A Foodies' & Fashionistas' Lunch in Prahran provided a reminder of some of the great festivals in this city that pop up from time to time. Sealed in under a catwalk length marquee, plate after plate came out to feed us hungry fashionista crowds. As we sat and scoffed our way through 5 courses of pate, prawn, pork, beef and desert fortunately all on separate plates, we watched those whom are very tall dressed in winter collections strut past our tables of plenty. I've attached the prawn as my memorabilia photo as it was the one course that I did not have. I am one of those poor sods who is allergic to shellfish. Having decided it was better to lose out on a course than break out in welts I enjoyed the break in eating. I used to criticise vegetarians, scoff at celiacs and thought gluten free was an excuse to get something for nothing. Having developed an allergy later in life the difficulties range from tedious when everyone in the room screams "YumCha" to just merely embarrassing. I once had lunch with a girlfriend at a Chinese restaurant who is a native Chinese speaker and quietly told her of my condition to which she asked the waiter to go back in the kitchen and pick out every tiny prawn out of the special fried rice, so it was not longer special at all. I have had airline staff tell me off for not putting through a special request prior to flying on her plane and it was my fault then that the beef ran out and all that was left was prawn surprise. But enough on crustaceans for one day, I enjoyed my lunch of food indulgence and fashion, although after watching beautiful mast like beings strut passed my table, I really wish I had have passed on that last profiterole too.


  1. ....yeah but the Praying Mantises wearing the clothes aren't ever going to get near a profiterole until they retire in their late twenties, poor luvvies.

  2. We'd make good lunch companions . . I love shellfish!