Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ticked off not tee'd off

Why do they persist on saying "hail stones as big as golf balls"? Yes, we had a hail storm and yes the pieces of hail that fell were very big indeed but please come up with at least one other description if at all possible. "Hail stones were found in parts of the city as big as bull's testicles..." hail the size of ping pong or squash balls, heads of broccoli, or avocado stones take your pick. A bit like gale force winds always lash instead of blow and roads are in chaos not just slow moving traffic. There must be a folder containing scripts in every newsreaders office titled Storms - a newsreader's guide. Imagine if one day the storm hit and the folder was not to be found. "It rained a lot today and a lot of people got wet and it was windy and that caused a lot of .... windy weather".

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