Monday, March 8, 2010

The night of nights that leaves me sleepy

Another Academy Awards ceremony pulls the curtain closed for another year. I imagine they swing into party mode pretty soon after having sat through hour after hour of thank you's to God, to the person behind their film who put up a truck load of dosh and to the winner's partner who in Hollywood terms is likely to change by the end of the first commercial break. Trends are set on Oscar nights, beards are in and strapless dresses are obligatory regardless of how much your bare arms look like grissini in a shiny serviette. Heart wrenching movies are always given extra attention ie., single mum, homeless dad, a soldier's story and this year...the fat girl. The animators and computer geeks take up more and more seats each year and the award snatchers are getting younger and thinner. The red carpet promotions display a rattle of malnourished, post surgery clones coiled up in expensive cloth and all with identical teeth. In this era of self select and interactivity, the awards ceremonies are leaving us left with a feeling that we weren't even consulted. They hand out their honours and we are left feeling that the glamour has gone, the movies are often predictable and the speeches are so bad even the actors can't hold back the tears.


  1. I'm always a little surprised that people who make their living remembering lines are so pathetic at giving an acceptance speech. I blinked and I missed it.

  2. So you're saying that I shouldn't even watch what I taped last night?? At least I'll be able to fast forward the scary moments... Oh, and the advertisements...

  3. I usually like to watch this award show but missed out last night because I was too darn tired to stay up that late and have to sit through not just the awards but all those pesky ads.