Monday, March 22, 2010

It's all in the cards, just swipe here.

A friend of mine recently went to see a clairvoyant and with a reasonable offering of scepticism she came away thinking some things spoken by madame fortune teller were uncanny. I am more than a sceptic when it comes to reading fortunes. I'm afraid the only cards I believe in are my credit cards. For some reason it's women more than men who are keen to learn of the mysteries of what lies ahead. I think men are just happy coping with the present. I know if I went along to Mystical Meg or whatever her name is she would tell me that she foresees travel in my future. Now she could mean I am heading for adventures across many countries or she could mean the mysteries of a Westfield carpark. Knowing me I would forget all about it, go and book a trip and then a week later go "Whoa!". My friend said the fortune teller spoke of someone dear to her who has passed on. So far we probably all could put our hands up with a candidate here. Then she said this person felt much comfort from their funeral. Knowing the person who has passed on he would more likely have criticised the funeral saying that the beer was warm and the sandwiches were crappy. And why would he speak to a total stranger about this anyway when he could speak to his wife? Are deceased husbands still looking at other women? I'd just be happy if the cards would tell me what to wear in the morning. I've got no time to speak to the undead. Can they send me an email?

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