Monday, March 29, 2010

Australia, why the bloody hell would you?

When did we become such a bunch of nannies? There is something about the culture of the Australian press that can't wait to front up to an invited guest in our country and either insult their intelligence or force them to make an opinion about Australia knowing that their experience of Australian hospitality so far doesn't go much beyond a moist toilette after takeoff. Our history of insulting overseas celebrities is bountiful. Even as far back as 1974 where Frank Sinatra made a crack about the press only to be made public enemy number one including a union boycott of aircraft and hotel services. We basically chased one of the world's most famous entertainers out of the country. We charged visiting Sylvester Stallone after going through his bags and finding body building growth hormones (what, you thought he just ate up all his greens?) and now we arrest one of the world's elite racing drivers for spinning his wheels. Let's all have a bit of a lie down right now. Nanny syndrome has taken over this country. Let's not invite any more famous people to Australia because we just can't cope. And as for the anti fun police, the 'they are supposed to be setting a good example' brigade, I don't recall any of these people after having excelled in their field announcing, "oh and by the way I am now a moral compass for civilisation when I go to Australia". So the next time some little Aussie overseas backpacker complains about the corrupt border guard demanding 500 pesos for a shoe lace tax because he is a rich western kid who has it all, I will be reminded of how we treat our own visiting rich kids.


  1. Tall poppy syndrome, it distracts us from the beatings and rape cases being heard in the NRL tribunal.

  2. It's an issue I find pretty fascinating and fundamental conflict between two freedoms: freedom to; and freedom from. Hoons want the freedom to do burnouts. I want to be free from hoons doing burnouts.