Saturday, March 20, 2010

Women of the Silver Screen or just pretty frosting

After a week of too many long hours at work caused by the 'fill in a form or perish' jihadists that now seem to have infiltrated many workplaces, I was glad when Friday night finally came around. I slumped on the couch after a pasta supper and glass of cold Sancerre ready to wade into some light entertainment to see out the evening. Avoiding the compulsory Friday night forensic and sci-fi alien with the made for tv el'cheapo special effects, I find myself in front of what is now known as the 'rom-com'. Romulus with his own web page would be more thought provoking but alas the Hollywood template of romantic comedy was the menu for the night. The movie was called Vacation and I believe it was in the cinemas about 2 years ago. Like a vacation from hell this was a movie from hell. Sitting through this movie was like having to sit through a slide show of your neighbour's cruise to Pongo Pongo where they all dressed up in grass skirts for the fancy dress night, what a hoot!! I have no idea of what Cameron Diaz is like in real life but the character she played in this movie was a interesting as a cotton tip. She was forever flopping around displaying all the intelligence of a biscuit tin whilst expecting us to believe she was a successful Hollywood producer (we think). She meets the Jude Law character and within 4 minutes has decided that she would go to bed with him, we assume this but we see no evidence of it and clearly the budget was not big enough for a bedroom scene or it was spent on her hairdresser instead. Unfortunately this format is all too readily available and I could probably name about 3 of them at the cinemas right now with their watery plot lines and some chick with floppy blond hair and a guy was starts out not liking her, gets to like her they break up and they get back together, can I go now? Hollywood continues to serve up this mass produced movie extender as we see the role of women being reduced to not much more significance than a cup cake with pink icing. Come on tinsel town, give us some woman with substance, what are you scared or something?

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