Thursday, December 10, 2009

Take your cougar and jam it

As a female too young to be making jam and too old to be awesome, am I expected to be looking at younger men? If it's one derogatory word that I hope dies a speedy and painful death it's the word "cougar". Once again we seem a label for women far less than flattering implying old, lonely and vicious. Having lived a life as a woman I can give an educated guess that most women have far better motivations in life than stalking young men and would dedicate as much time prowling for the junior male species as they would discussing mag wheels and gelling their hair. It's a myth. I suspect Maggie May was an anagram for gay man as I can't possibly imagine any woman sticking around with some spotty teenager who plays pool all day long. The temptation to march into the pool hall, slap him on the legs and tell him to get home for dinner embarrassing the crap out of him in front of his mates would be too great. Give me older, wiser and less likely to be distracted any day. Now where did I put that jam jar.


  1. I don't know any women who go after the junior set, although my husband IS 11 years younger than me. To be fair we met when I was 49 and I didn't know his age. He looked older than he was.

  2. Why 'cougar' as if we're predatory. . . and men get "Sugar Daddy" which sounds far less harsh. Then I'm partial to the odd 'toy boy' and I guess that's pretty patronising. Although let me be clear, I have a 12 year window either side of my age, mind you they aren't exactly queueing for the pleasure!