Monday, December 21, 2009

A special holiday edition of not very much

For those who brave the boxing day sales I hope your lists are plentiful and your elbows are sharpened because once those roller doors go up you know it's open warfare. You can approach the counters with a full frontal attack or bring in the reinforcements, send them on a reconnaissance mission and have them report back to you whilst being stationed at a nearby coffee shop. I find these sales a little ugly and the idea of queuing up to try something on just doesn't work for me, to be honest I'd rather do without.

It seems we do without quite a bit over this season. We do without a fully formed newspaper. The "holiday edition" is code for all the editors are on holidays and we've brought in a couple of work experience kids to cover the desk whilst we are away. Last Saturday I got my "special edition" newspaper which was for the Friday the day before to remind me of how special it was. Next weekend most of the papers will be dedicated to special kids holiday reading as if your 5 year old fights you for the business section every Saturday "Oh thank God mummy, my very own editorial section I'm so delighted"!!! Then the television stations have their own "holiday specials" which are so insipid with false Christmas cheer you go along with the lame gags even knowing that the show was made in April and the second rate celebrities leave you in bewilderment wondering whether you are meant to know who they are. Airline chaos and postal strikes willing if you are not in the holiday mood by now it's just a matter of popping on the red felt antlers and bingo, Christmas cheer.

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  1. It's true, isn't it Lorna? For people who might just not be that much into Christmas, the whole shebang can be one great bloody inconvenience. An inconvenient half truth, actually. Is it about Santa and how many presents you can shove under a fake tree or is it about God and Jesus? To be honest, I don't really get it, I just go along with the mad crowd and have whatever fun is to be had without too much effort. I've sent cards, bought presents, put up a fake tree and now look forward to seeing what Santa might have brought me.