Friday, December 18, 2009

Jolly or Jenny Craig?

As I lay awake last night listening to the BBC world news just drifting off to sleep I recall a story about a Melbourne University study that has found that Santa Claus is a bad role model. The study found that Santa is overweight and drinks and drives and is risk taking (the parents of our learned friends must be extremely proud right now). So the nanny state continues on even for those that are fictional. So leaving a little snip of brandy and a few shortbread biscuits at the bottom of .... I was going to say chimney but that is unlikely so let's say dual system heating/cooling unit, is irresponsible in the aid of someone who doesn't exist and is pressured to sober up and lose weight. What next? Easter bunny shouldn't be wearing real fur and tooth fairy can't be trusted with cash. So if santa visits my house on Christmas Eve it's the leftover french champagne and duck liver pate so better loosen the big red pants old man and catch a taxi home.


  1. Those Uni studies should be stuffed where the sun don't shine.

  2. You have left over French Champagne? God wouldn't happen in my house! He gets a carrot and a glass of milk. Hands off the bubbly fat man!