Tuesday, December 15, 2009

'Allo, allo, what do we have 'ere then?

Oh thank goodness. We are being saved from ourselves. The government is putting in place Internet censorship. Clearly we can't be trusted. So don't even think of sneaking a peak at the raunchy web pages when everyone has gone to bed because a suitably appointed government official will pop out from behind your screen and slap you on the legs. Very bad! Our Communications Minister is drafting up a blacklist. "Most Australians acknowledge that there is some Internet material which is not acceptable in any civilised society," all very caring and sharing of our minister but what did we do before the Internet? Did we not have unacceptable behaviours before then and only since the invention of the Internet have we become participants with all things naughty? I think not. So please Mr Minister provide us all with some insight into what the criteria for the blacklist is as I suspect it won't actually be the naughty stuff at all because we all know that naughty stuff is purchased with credit cards and credit card spending is good for everyone yes? So with my new government sponsored filtering device I hope to block out most government advertising (because the acting is so bad and it never has a happy ending), those annoying advertising videos that pop up with really loud volume while you are pretending to be doing work, and in fact most of the crap that finds its way into my in box offering me a once in a lifetime opportunity or a device to extend something I don't actually possess.


  1. If you're interested, you may wish to sign Veronica Foale's (Someday we will sleep blog goddess) petition - http://www.petitiononline.com/nocleanf/petition.html

  2. yes, pop on over. I've signed it too.