Sunday, December 27, 2009

Auld acquaintance should be forgot

No sooner does the last spoonful of Christmas pudding disappear then someone will ask "What are you doing for New Year?" It's like the hungry entertainment beast must be fed. Catching up with friends, going out for a few drinks, going over to what's their faces with the spoilt kids, so on and so forth, are the most popular responses selected. I'm going to the top of mount Kosciusko with a group of cave dwellers who will be channelling the spirits of the ancient druids to rid the earth of all evil but I've got nothing to wear so I don't think I'll go. I think the best of the parties were probably in the 1920's and 30's where there was no risk of someone showing you the great apps on the iphone they got for Christmas or telling you about the great wii game they bought for the kids. New Year's resolutions according to today's paper leaves us particularly bereft of interest if our local celebrities are anything to be reported on. A newsreader who wants to "spend more time on relaxing pursuits" (like reading isn't relaxing?) and a football person who clearly wants to remind people to watch more of him on television and some woman who wants to keep her handbag "free of junk". Gosh, the great philosophers of the world would have been proud. Why don't they just confess they want to drink free booze, trash bars, get arrested and be paid squillions of dollars for doing bugger all. Maybe I will go to that mountain top after all ... "Oh Ancient Brotherhood of Druids, please cleanse our earth from the festering scourge of sporting celebrities who appear on our travel programs. May you rid us of sporting heroes and their apologist managers on our 6pm news stating "they just want to move on" every time they forget that raping, violent assault and defecating in hotel corridors is a little more than boys being boys. Oh Ancient Order I hope you can look upon us with favour... and I hope you like my outfit. Amen".


  1. Can I join your cult? I have an abhorrence of footy celebs and the 20 minutes of nightly news space they occupy facing tribunals or criminal charges. No wonder I watch so little TV.

  2. "paid squillions of dollars for doing bugger all" sounds like the perfect job for me. Where do I apply? Come on now, don't be keeping it a secret.

  3. Best wishes for the new year, Lorna. Hope you are enjoying your break from the grind.