Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The World at your Asparagus Tips

Who do I need to sleep with to get fresh local garlic? The supermarket fresh produce section has more frequent flyer points than Kevin Rudd and probably has better representation across the G20 nations. Who are they kidding with this fresh food advertising? Consider how fresh you feel after flying from Mexico (garlic) or the USA (oranges) or even Thailand (mango). Now even if they fly first class and are gently wiped down with a moist towelette on descent, nobody not animal, vegetable or politician can arrive fresh from flying half way across the world to be transported to a produce warehouse (sorry departure lounge) to await transportation. Why do we import lemons when every suburban backyard has a tree obese with them? Next time you are subjected to jet lagged lettuce and travelled the globe artichokes refuse to let them through without a passport or simply feed them to next door's sniffer dog. It's time to look up the date of the next farmers market.

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