Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ok Computer

Having visited a colleague in the hospital emergency department today, I was amazed at the amount of technology as in computer screens that were in this small room. The poor man was attached to so many coloured wires just to monitor his heart, he looked like the back of my television set. Every time he moved, he got a blip on the screen and a new number displayed in the corner, for a while I thought it was powerball night. Technology is at its best in these places, knowing he was wired to the mother ship outside the curtain, should an irregular blip occur they would fly in and stare in question at the screen, and then hopefully him. Fortunately he was given the all clear and he was disconnected, the monitors were shut down and the machines went quiet, but I was still curious to know if raised his arm high enough, could he get channel 31?

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