Monday, July 20, 2009


The Australian newspaper today tells us that there's probably never been a TV program quite like MasterChef. There is in fact in England and America, and that it's called syndication but no point getting technical. Well I guess I am the only one who couldn't watch MasterChef. Unfortunately I would need a new television set everytime I tuned in. What a load of reality crap this was. Winning this show does not qualify you for the title of chef nor does it make you a master of anything. Even after being promoted as the winner and being given a large sum of money this person is no more capable of working in a commercial kitchen than the man who stood behind the camera. If people think this show had any resemblance to the hard work of the hospitality industry they're as smart as puff pastry. In a commercial kitchen there is no presenting a plated dish to the background hum of anticipation music while the chef de cuisine scratches his chin in silent contemplation. The plate would more likely fly past your head toward the bin which would be your indication that it didn't cut the mustard. And even when you do manage to get it right, there will be no small pieces of glitter falling from the roof, nobody will care about your personality or that you've donated all of your internal organs to the Children's hospital, they care that you've done your job on the grill section. This show rated above and beyond everything else not because it was inspirational and a new insight into the world of cookery - but because everything else that was on was shite.


  1. Oh my!

    Actually, I agree. I'd rather watch paint dry. Ten years working in an actual real kitchen is more than enough for me. But no telly? Or is it the inevitable purchase of a set-top box you so fear? You really must. Le Tour de France is going off. The set design is mind blowing.

  2. After my rant about Le Tour being bumped, I then discovered I do have SBS2. It was buried in my foxtel channels under a section called Miscellaneous or something. So now I'm enjoying the streets of France again, if only they would all stop, get off their bikes and have some lunch at a local Boucherie I know they would enjoy it.

  3. I don't mind MasterChef. I'm always a fan of anything that encourages raw, un-ashamed competition between participants. I haven't watched it for ages though, because its constantly populated with c-grade celebrities that I’m not familiar with who don't go all out in the competitive stakes.

    Reality TV is the modern equivalent of the Roman Coliseum.

  4. I watched the last two episodes, wanted Poh to win, then cried when Julie won, quite enjoyed it really. But love the way you have worded this post, your sense of reality and humour over it all is right on the money.