Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nothing sweet about me

But it does make you do strange things. I stole chocolate jaffa biscuits from a colleague today, two were actually offered to me but knowing that the polite offerings were not enough, I had to resort to theft. There is chocolate and there is chocolate. Cheap compound chocolate always tastes stale to me like eating Easter eggs in November but chocolate biscuits at 4pm on a weekday, somehow is better than (insert your vice of choice ie., cigarettes/cocaine/wearing your partner's underpants) well lots of things anyway. Which poses the question, is there a supreme chocolate biscuit out there that outranks all other chocolate biscuits? We may have moved on from the tim tam and the chocolate royal is probably only found in the outer regions nursing homes these days, but a mint slice will always be a classy biscuit. What's your chocolate biscuit of choice I ask?


  1. Toffee Pops were pretty nice, but I don't think they make them anymore. I still a sucker for a Wagon Wheel.

  2. I'm with Man re the Wagon Wheel. Also I still love me a double-coated Tim Tam and the rarely-seen but sometimes-available mandarin-slice instead of the mint slice.
    Will also inhale several of those 'decadent' chocolate chip biccies when hungry/out of sight from others/desperate enough.

  3. I'm one for the Jaffas myself - they taste like a rare delicacy. But not too many, mind.