Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Look out honey 'cause I'm using technology

Cleaning the house requires special criteria. For example you can't look at the mess anymore or your very judgemental family member/friend is coming over and you know she'll look in corners (she, because you could have a native tribe living in your walk-in and he still wouldn't notice). One necessity for me is music. Housework cannot be done, well not be me anyway unless the mood is right and the housework music is very loud.

Which poses the question what is the best music to clean the house with?

For me, no kitchen floor will shine without Iggy Pop's Search and Destroy. Nancy Sinatra's greatest hits will get the vacuuming done and if we're talking about the shower screen it's got to be The Saints, Know Your Product. This works for me. What works for you I wonder?


  1. Great blog, Ms Lino!

    Housework songs, housework songs. On the iPod docking station which is conveniently sitting on the bench that separates kitchen from living room and is thus turned on when I need to suck out the dog hairs is:
    * Smash it up - The Damned
    * Pulp best of
    * Potbelleez - a couple of catchier ones to keep my butt wiggling as I'm dragging the hoover around
    * Plastic Bertrand
    * Nothing too serious - Icehouse
    * Shut your eyes - Snow Patrol
    * Echo Beach - Martha and the Muffins

    ....not to mention a heap of 1980s songs that I'm too afraid to include!

  2. Love the iconography on this blog.

    Got to be careful with my music choices when there's things to be done - if it's too good I just have to down tools and soak it up. Maybe a classic album that I haven't had the chance to listen to all that much and am prepared to just let flow - Joni Mitchell's Blue; Sailin' Shoes by Little Feat; Grateful Dead's American Beauty.

  3. Yes it is a good blog Kath (excuse us Lorna). It warrants a larger readership, which I'm sure it will get. Is it your first blog Ms Lilo?

    For me it has to be heavy to get the housework done. A bit of ACDC, Sepultura or perhaps Motorhead does the job... though often the house is more messy sfter I've finished, with beer cans, puke and unconscious people strewn around the place.

  4. 'Love me like a Reptile' while your scrubbing the burnt melted cheese off the oven door - ahhh the serenity! And yes, this is my first blog but feel free to share the love.