Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tom and Katie's Big Day Out

I'm afraid we haven't been putting on our best for our new visitors, Tom and Katie. Taking them to the Aquarium assumes they've never seen a fish before and whilst the tank of local yarra river species with their 3 eyes and heads on backwards might be fun for the kiddie I fear that Tom and Katie would have come away wanting more. As for subjecting them to an AFL game well I would be surprised if they are still here, because watching men in tight pants break each others faces may not be their thing - god knows it's no one else in the world's thing either. Perhaps a drive to the seaside, park the car and look out at the bay would be nice provided it's not a dredging day. They are too late to go on the chairlift at Arthur's Seat because unfortunately that broke. They'll need to wait a little longer for the big wheel at Docklands because that broke too. I'd recommend a tram ride, it's much better now with the third track so when one of those breaks it can be towed away and you don't have to walk home. Aahh, Melbourne loves it trams. Melbourne probably loved the horse and cart too but that argument was won years ago, but I'm getting off the point now. No, it's time to bring out the nice crockery for our guests however we just should make sure all the broken bits are repaired beforehand.


  1. Well I'd take them to Monbulk Animal Kingdom...except it was declared illegal 20 years ago. Or the Cuckoo Retuarant in the Dandenongs, for some mock Bavarian hijinx. Aside from that I'm completely out of ideas.

  2. Well hell, why didn't Tom call you. From what I heard he took himself off to McDonalds. All that money and ...??